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What’s in store for our year 2014-2015 Ambassadors?

More than 130 students and Total Ambassadors came together this year to bridge the gap between Total and the student world. The key element, a number of great initiatives, and a passageway being built as we speak…

In 2013-2014, the Ambassador’s Program included 62 schools and universities, bringing together as many Student Ambassadors (SA) as well as 70 collaborators from Total (called Total Ambassadors or TAs). The Ambassadors and their student counterparts have worked together to organise no less than 20 forums, in France as well as abroad, and 27 conferences and school-based interventions. Some of the seminars were very lucky to have as speakers some of the most important people working for the group, such as Christophe de Margerie, CEO, who gave a speech at HEC on the 13th May.

A result directly linked to the sincere investment of everybody participating in the program, first and foremost the Total and Student Ambassadors. “You have all been actors in establishing communication within your schools to participate in the various events organised by Total”, pointed out Monique Simon. Highlighting: “The association of our partners and you, future graduates, is an indispensable element that allows students to get a better understanding of the career opportunities available and the possibilities to evolve in a large group like Total.”

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